Our Process to Integrate Children & Youth into BHF K-12 School

Early Years Classroom (EYC)

Parents will meet with the classroom teacher to register their children for school and familiarize themselves with the EYC routines, physical space and staff. After all the registration forms have been completed, a request form for the student’s cumulative file is sent to the student’s previous school. The classroom teacher will assess the student’s current academic skills using a number of methods. Currently, assessment tools being employed are Running Records (Reading A-Z), Schonell Spelling Test, Dolch Sight Word Lists, Letter and Sound Recognition,  as well as various tests for basic math computations.

Male Youth Services and Female Youth Services Classroom

In these two programs our classroom staff gathers information regarding the student upon intake. This information is followed up by a request for exchange of information from the previous school and a follow-up phone call is made to ascertain current academic standing. A request for the most recent report card and cumulative file, as well as any clinical file is made at this time. We complete our own testing as well, based on this information, and create a plan for the student for their time in the program. The student will have some input into their course selection, whenever possible, as well as assist in the creation their personal timetable.

The following methods are used by our staff to assist them in making decisions regarding academic studies:

  • Schonell Spelling Test
  • Key Math- Math Assessments or Resource Math
  • Reading Comprehension (Using Aboriginal Creation Myth/Legends)
  • Writing Samples to establish printing and cursive handwriting ability
  • Verbal Communication
  • Basic Knowledge Skills for Low Functioning Students