The Male and Female Youth Services programs at BHF K-12 School offer long-term residential treatment for adolescent males in Selkirk and adolescent females in St. Norbert. There is a maximum of 16 boys and girls for each program. It also offers an early years education program for up to 16 children whose parent(s) attends the addictions treatment program at BHF.
BHF K-12 School is entrusted to provide quality and meaningful educational programming for dependent children and youth.

Mission statement of the Behavioural Health Foundation

To  provide quality behavioural health services of a wholistic nature to men, women, dependent children and youth, leading to personal wellness in the areas of education, employment, health and family values. The ongoing fulfillment of this mission is to reduce harm to individuals and family units caused by the misuse of substances, other addictive behaviours and co-occurring mental health concerns.