Indigenous Programming at EYC/FYC/MYC

Throughout the school year children from the EYC participate in daily smudging, sharing circles, storytelling, arts and crafts, as well as other indigenous cultural activities. In particular, children may participate in seven teaching sweats in the fall followed by another in the spring. This will accommodate the children who register later in the school year. The teaching sweats are one of the highlights of the children’s experience while they are enrolled at EYC. The teacher also incorporates elements from the curriculum during these teaching sweats. For example, prior to the sweat, children may study an animal through reading, writing, storytelling, art, natural science and/or history.

Courage, Wisdom, Love, Respect, Honesty, Truth, and Humility

This set of seven values forms the basis for a traditional indigenous lifestyle and a more inclusive and accepting school environment. Each of the seven teachings is connected to an animal that is viewed as the teacher of that virtue.

  • The Bear Spirit

    This lesson will teach us courage. It takes courage to face problems with integrity and a fearless heart. We must be brave to do the right thing.

  • The Beaver Spirit

    This lesson will teach us wisdom. We all have gifts to share and by using them we can embrace them. We should apply our knowledge and wisdom to everything we do.

  • The Eagle Spirit

    This lesson will teach us about love. Love is unconditional. When people are at their lowest they need love the most.

  • The Buffalo Spirit

    This lesson will teach us respect. All creation should be treated with respect. When we learn to show respect, we may receive respect.

  • The Sabe Spirit

    This lesson will teach us honesty. Honesty requires courage. When we are honest with ourselves, it is easier to be honest with others.

  • The Turtle Spirit

    This lesson will teach us about truth. To speak the truth is to not deceive ourselves or others.

  • The Wolf Spirit

    This lesson will teach us about humility. To be humble we need to be compassionate, understand that we are all equal, and acknowledge we are just one part of creation.

Ceremonies accessible to Male and Female Youth

  1. Pipe Ceremony
  2. Naming Ceremony
  3. Ghost Dance
  4. Sundance
  5. Pow wow
  6. Full Moon (female youth only)
  7. Weekly sweats in Selkirk (male youth only)
  8. Weekly sweats in St. Norbert (female youth only)