Beyond The Classroom

The K-12 classrooms are a crucially important educational context for students and staff. However, there are other sites where learning takes place as well. The students:

  • spend time observing and working in a variety of educational settings;
  • engage in non-classroom, alternative activities, which enhances the student’s experience;
  • develop questions and search for knowledge in places outside of the school;
  • collaborate with peers to share observations and develop questions about their environment .

Learning Sites Beyond the Classroom

  • Petroform Site at Bannock Point in Whiteshell Provincial Park
  • Lower Fort Garry
  • Manitoba Theatre for Young People
  • Narcisse Snake Dens
  • Assiniboine Park Zoo
  • Manitoba Children’s Museum
  • Oak Hammock Marsh
  • Fort Whyte Alive
  • Traditional Grounds at BHF
  • Royal Winnipeg Ballet
  • Human Rights Museum
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery