Arts Smarts II

Focus of the Arts Smarts II: Female Youth Classroom 2014-2015

This project explores identity through media, visual arts, writing, presentations and aboriginal culture and heritage in the 21st Century (cultivating individuality, expression, experience and opinion through artistic and creative practices).

Arts Smarts projects are connected to curriculum — infusing arts in non-art subject areas. The teacher and artist collaborate to create the arts-based experiences in reference to our main question of self-identity and exploration through art and collaboration.

Arts-infused learning is a sustainable practice in education and can be an agent of change. The main focus of the project is to assist students with their self-discovery and identity process and to provide the teacher with the necessary skills to continue with the implementation of integrating arts in the curriculum, including on how to successfully integrate the arts with an aboriginal perspective. It is one of the school’s priorities to continue the practice of bringing artists into the classroom to enrich the artistic process.

Students will communicate their answers to the main questions. They will be expected to present the work they create to a group. Viewing and representing together make-up one of the 6 general outcomes in English Language Arts curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students in Manitoba. Discussion will follow each presentation to encourage creative thinking (connecting themes in each other’s work, and thus connecting everyone to each other). The goal is to encourage honesty in our creativity and critical thinking with our opinions.

Project Sponsored by Manitoba Arts Council – “Arts Smarts II Program”