1. Youth 12 to 17 years of age, inclusive.
    2. Youth who have had their lives significantly affected by substance misuse, on their part or on the part of their families or significant others.
    3. Youth whose lifestyles are such that they are regarded as having a living problem by their families, themselves, and/or their communities.
    4. Youth who have an ability to absorb and respond to program demands.
    5. Recognizing the population abusing substances are frequently overmedicated and psychiatrically complex, BHF allows youth on prescribed mood-altering or psychotropic substances to be admitted, provided they meet the following criteria.

        a. A medical condition such as epilepsy is present.

        b. Stable individuals with chronic and persistent disorders are under the care of a psychiatrist and meet all other admission criteria. Such cases would include those whose cessation of prescription medication is contraindicated due to mental health concerns. A complete psychiatric report, satisfactory in form and content to the Behavioural Health Foundation, must be submitted with the Application for Admission.

        c. Individuals are under the care of a General Practitioner who remains willing to work with residents throughout their treatment stay. A psychiatric report or assessment may be required prior to admission.

      1. Youth who do not have histories or present charges of sexual assault, arson or crimes against children. Youth charged with or who have histories of all other criminal offences are eligible to apply for admission.
      2. Youth will be accepted on judicial interim release if they meet all other admission criteria. If they leave the program prior to completion they will not be accepted in the future on judicial interim release, except under the discretion of the Executive Director.