Addictions Treatment Programming Services for Male and Female Youth (ages 12-17)


To put the Male and Female Youth Services educational programming into context, it is important to understand the components of the youth addictions treatment programs. They are designed to offer graduated opportunities, which will provide youth with the necessary vocational, intellectual and communicative skills for successful reintegration into society, and allow them to be free of addictive behaviours.

Addictions Treatment Program Components include:

  1. Addictions counselling
  2. Integrated co-occurring mental health treatment plans
  3. Group, family and individual counselling
  4. Indigenous traditional programming
  5. Criminal justice/family court services
  6. Mental Health assessments, therapy and referrals
  7. Daily healthy-living routines
  8. Work activities
  9. Education classrooms
  10. Recreation/leisure time
  11. Daycare for dependent children
  12. Health assessments: optical, dental and physical


  1. Substance Use Awareness
  2. Managing and Expressing Anger
  3. Assertiveness Training
  4. Life Skills
  5. Healthy Sexuality
  6. Taking Responsibility
  7. Coping with Grief and Loss
  8. Dealing with Sexual Abuse
  9. “It’s Not Your Fault”
  10. Promoting Healthy Relationships
  11. Self-harm
  12. Bullying
  13. “Voices” journal